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In this post, you will get the direct links to download GNS3 IOS images for Cisco routers, ASA, switches, and even for Juniper routers. One of the great features of .

If you want to serialize an object to a dictionary or json but the structure should be different than the object itself, then instead of using propertyConverers, you can also convert the entire object by implementing the customConverter function. In the example below the entire object will be serialized to just a string. You could also return a dictionary that represents the custom structure or an array if the object should have been an array. If you have a custom type that requires special conversion, then you can extend it with the EVCustomReflectable protocol.

A good implementation for this can be found in the Realm subspec for the List type. The converter is implemented like this:. For the usage, please have a look at the Realm unittest. When there is a need to not de serialize specific values like nil NSNull or empty strings you can implement the skipPropertyValue function and return true if the value needs to be skipped.

Before setting a value the value will always be validated using the standard validateValue KVO function. This means that for every property you can also create a validation function for that property. See the sample below where there is a validateName function for the name property. You should be able to solve all problems with parsing your json to an object. If you get warnings and you know they don't matter and you want to stop them from printin you can suppress all print warings by calling the followin line of code:. It's also possible to enable printing for specific warning types.

Here is the line of code that is equal to setting it to. Just leave out the type that you want to suppress. There is also support for class level validation when deserializing to an object. There are helper functions for making keys required or not allowed. You can also add custom messages. Here is some sample code about how you can implement such a validation. You can deserialize json to an object that uses inheritance. When the properties are specified as the base class, then the correct specific object type will be returned by the function getSpecificType.

EVReflection is trying to handle all types. With some types there are limitations in Swift.

objective c - Generate JSON string from NSDictionary in iOS - Stack Overflow

So far there is a workaround for any of these limitations. Here is an overview:. For all these issues there are workarounds. The easiest workaround is just using a difrent type like:. If you want to keep on using the same type, You can override the setValue forUndefinedKey in the object itself.

See WorkaroundsTests. For arrays with nullable objects or Set's like [MyObj?

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Understanding XML and JSON Parsing in iOS Programming

Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Fetching latest commit…. For carthage you can use: Parsing objects based on NSObject to and from a dictionary. Parsing objects to and from a JSON string.

Mastering iOS Core Data with Swift: JSON Data and Dictionary

Mapping objects from one type to an other Support for property mapping, converters, validators and key cleanup It's easy to use: PropertyMapping ]. String , decodeConverter: Any , key: String where value. NSArray where value. Custom , message: None , " We should have a not. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.

Dictionary to JSON string

Press h to open a hovercard with more details. On Apple platforms the push handler automatically decodes this JSON before passing the result to the delegates in the app. Add to that the manual nature of any sort of transform or validation, and Codable for real JSON decoding becomes rather painful. On Jun 22, , at 7: A try c. B try c. Context codingPath: Sure, there is only so much we can do completely automatically. One of our goals was to make the simplest stuff possible with as little boilerplate as possible, but provide the ability to customize when you want to do something more advanced as above.

On Jun 22, , at 6: Is this true? On Jun 22, , at 9: First of all, I'd like to point out that I've found your tone to be quite rude. Calling the design of Codable, that has gotten a lot of work from Apple and swift-evolution, as silly is insulting and can leave people hurt. If you have found it lacking, please say so: But please do so with respect for the people and the work behind it. Now, concerning Codable, I find its name quite apt. It was never intended to be used a full JSON parser but as a strongly-typed Swift equivalent of Objective-C's NSCoding, which is nothing more than a framework for serializing and deserializing types into different file formats.

On 23 Jun , at After years of using third party libraries or writing your own, limited, implementation, finally, finally there was an official solution from Apple.

iOS 7 Programming Cookbook by Vandad Nahavandipoor

The official date formatter. These concerns, and the general concerns I expressed during the evolution review which still exist aside, this is fixable, if the Swift team is interested in doing so. All of that said, my concerns mainly lie within the JSON realm. Codable works great for serialization to disk or other scenarios where I can just deal with the Data result and not have to worry about weakly typed intermediate results. On Jun 23, , at 4: This would be simple additive API, which although might not make it in the upcoming betas, should be fairly simple introduce. Would this solve that use case?

No need to apologize, I do appreciate the difficulties of designing this entire feature as quickly and completely as was required. As long as it can be initialize from outside and decoded on its own, I think it could solve much of that issue. For one thing, in the case of grabbing a subtree of JSON as "unevaluated" or "unmapped" as it appears to be in the metadata case , it should be fairly simple to add a JSONDecoder. I assume this issue affects other implementations of Encoder and Decoder as well. On Jun 23, , at 1: UnevaluatedJSON in a couple of posts above. This would lead to its usage to be something like:.

For example; as it stands we have a method in the KeyedDecodingContainerProtocol specifically for nil decodeNil forKey key: Key , and in the UnkeyedDecodingContainer there is decodeNil. Dictionary or var metadata: Any] But I get the error MyPlayground. Dictionary A meta or metadata field on many APIs such as www.

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  4. Encoding, Decoding and Serialization in Swift 4.

String var email: String var name: Create a struct for Metadata and conform to Coding Code: