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Download Temple Run (Free) for iPad

It's back! Sprint for the leaderboards in the sequel to one of the App Store's most popular endless runners, which arrives with a host of fabulous improvements, from overhauled graphics to refined controls, original minecart and zip-line challenges, and much more.

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Temple Run 2 is one of my absolute favorite games. It is addictive and you can achieve nearly everything you want, while still being new and fresh. Of course to have a game like Temple Run 2, you have to have a history. Temple Run 2 evolved from the original Temple Run, which is also neat to look at. Temple Run was an amazing game that attracted quite the fan following on iPhones, mainly because it was one of the featured games in the App Store for several months.

Eventually, the creators had to many ideas for Temple Run and since Temple Run was getting old, they released Temple Run 2.

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Temple Run 2 is a very fun game. With daily, weekly, and global challenges, it keeps players engaged by offering rewards for each of these events. But with fame comes controversy, and there was a small one over Temple Run 2. For literal years, the game only had one free character, the male, Guy Dangerous. There was a small controversy at the time because the majority of people playing the game were female.

So in the creators came out with the new, female free character, Scarlett Fox. But the journey of Temple Run 2 is not over yet, with new maps, challenges, and prizes - Temple Run 2 promises to continue an ever loved game.

How to Free Download and Play Temple Run

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description The sequel to the smash hit phenomenon that took the world by storm!

Screenshots for Temple Run

A deep and snowy winter has arrived! Brave the cold with the return of special events and characters in Temple Run 2.

Temple Run - Gameplay Trailer - Free Game Review for iPhone/iPad/iPod

The beauty of the marigold is spreading across the Cove. Begin a celebration that will wake the dead in this all new adventure! Unlock the mysteries of the Pirate Cove, where more than ancient treasure awaits those brave enough to tread its waters.

Temple Run Review

Join the crew in exploring Pirate Cove! Welcome to the Lost Jungle - Lantern Festival! Step 2. Step 3.

Temple Run 2 (for iPad)

Now you can start install downloaded apps for your iDevice. Then you can find the downloaded and paid apps in Mobile Applications folder. Temple Run is a game for iOS and Android that became a sweeping success.

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Though the concept of the game is really simple, it can be a bit tricky at times. With a few tips and some practice, you can meet and possibly even beat your friends' high scores! Have fun! Take this time to learn the basics of Temple Run.

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  • How to Play Temple Run??
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  • How to Free Download and Play Temple Run!

The controls are very simple swipes on the screen and some device tilting. However, remember to just ignore coins when you have reached a good score and just focus on avoiding the obstacles. With these credits you can buy upgrades, wallpapers, and utilities. If the path is cut in half you can jump over to that side.