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You can still use the QX detached, however. Sony in Japan is releasing a new accessory that would accommodate larger devices, but so far Sony U. The camera can technically be used independently without a smartphone, but that would be like using a camera blindfolded and defeating its purpose. Sony has released the SDK for the camera to app developers who might want to add support for the QX cameras, so we could potentially see apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accessing the camera in the future — if they choose to, that is.

You can choose to have images saved to the smartphone, but it will only save a lower resolution of the captures. If you set the camera up to save both, you can keep high-res shots on the card to print, and low-res shots on your phone for easy sharing with social media or email.

Review: Sony's high-end Cyber-shot QX wireless camera lens for iPhone

The QX only pairs via Wi-Fi, so the wireless performance is the same regardless of whether you attach it to a phone or use it separately. Setting up the Android-based Xperia, however, was painless: We tapped the N-mark of the QX to the N-mark on the back of the smartphone, and it took us to the Google Play Store to download the app. After the app downloaded, we tapped the two devices again and it handled the Wi-Fi pairing automatically — no SSID or passwords to worry about. We still have mixed feelings about the usefulness of NFC in digital cameras, but in this instance we found the feature to be plus.

Whether it was the iPhone, iPad, or Xperia, we often encountered lag times in the live-view stream, where the image would just stall before it could catch up. This was particularly frustrating when we tried to shoot movies, as the live-view would freeze up as we were filming — sometimes for as long as five seconds, if not more.

As mentioned, the time it takes for the camera to get connected to the phone can be painfully slow. Smartphones are about convenience, and the appeal they offer casual photographers is the ability to capture the moment when it happens.

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Also, expect some delay when you adjust settings, like changing exposure compensation. The Xperia Z1S is a shiny, slim smartphone, so it looks both awesome and a little ridiculous with a big lens attached to it. One thing we enjoyed is the ability to use the camera to shoot in a variety of angles when detached. You can hold the camera up high or down low, in a hard to reach area or in a unique POV, all while viewing the image from uour phone. This also makes taking selfies or group pictures easier, and it offers some great perspectives when shooting videos.

Operating the camera is a breeze. You can take a snapshot using the shutter button or zoom toggle on the camera or the control ring around the lens , or use the same buttons on the touchscreen via the app. You can touch to focus, or touch to focus and snap the photo. If we had to complain about another thing, it would be the short zoom, which was an issue we had with the RX II.

Sony QX100 Phone 'Lens Camera' Hands On Preview

Its cousin, the RX II, is one of our favorite compact cameras that take beautiful photos — photos with extremely accurate colors and great levels of details. Being that the QX shares the same parts, we were pleased that the lens camera captured similar-quality photos.

The QX did a great job with saturation and details in highlights, shadows, and midtones. Where the QX really shines is in low-light: In a shot of the Empire State Building at night, the QX managed to capture a nice shot with good colors and details, and minimal, uniform noise.

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The only issue we encountered was in extremely limited light. After some fiddling, we were able to grab a great photo with the 7D.

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The update was not yet available during testing, but we will update this review should there be significant improvements. The QX definitely qualifies as an innovative product. Being that is works directly with a smartphone or tablet, you get the convenience of uploading your images straight to the Web. The question, though, is how much you are willing to put up to get that extra edge.

A built-in BIONZ processing engine further enhances your images and lets you share what you see the way you see it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your wishlist is empty. View Wishlist. Cart Cart 0. Phone sold seperately. Compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones. Product added to wishlist. This facilitates high-quality shots from an even greater distance. A spring-loaded bracket attaches the Cyber-shot QX camera directly to your phone, and you use the Sony PlayMemories Mobile app for iOS or Android both as a viewfinder and as a remote control to start and stop movie recording, focus on a subject, zoom, and trip the shutter.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 review

With this camera, you can actually hold the device in your hand or set it on a tripod and shoot without the phone. It has an independent rechargeable battery, memory card slot, and shutter release.

While these little lens cams can go solo in a pinch, if you need a specific shot, you'll want to use your phone as a viewfinder. Once shot, pictures can be shared immediately. Both cameras will be available later this month.