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In this post, you will get the direct links to download GNS3 IOS images for Cisco routers, ASA, switches, and even for Juniper routers. One of the great features of .

As one of the most useful functions on iPhone, Siri helps us a lot and it will cause some inconvenience if there are any problems with Siri. In this article, we will offer an instruction which could be the most comprehensive guide to troubleshot iPhone sire not working problem. We just want to offer as more solutions as possible so the article may be pretty long. Keep patient and find out what can help. First of all, you should confirm Siri can be used on your device. For now, Apple allows Siri be available for the following iOS devices —.

If you use any other iOS device model, for example an iPhone 4, then Siri won't talk on it.

How to Fix Siri Not Working on iPhone (iOS 12 Supported)

If your device is in the scope, then go on reading the article. If you don't turn on Siri on iPhone, then of course Siri is not talking. Don't think this is impossible - sometimes this circumstance just happens. If it is disabled, just turn it on. If it has been turned on, just turn it off and then re-turn it on. Siri not talking back may be caused by iPhone microphone errors. If it cannot pick up your voice, then of course it won't give any response.

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Just confirm whether your microphone works by recording an audio or voice memo. It your iPhone microphone cannot detect your voice, try the following steps:.

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We all know that Siri may not take what you said when you spoke to it at the first time. But if you speak more and more, then Siri learns more and recognize your voice better. So before talking with Siri, think about what you will say.

Microphone not working with Siri or voice… - Apple Community

Siri requires an Internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or cellular, to work. If there is any network connection problem, then probably Siri won't work. Update iOS system will probably solve some unknown Siri issues, including Siri won't talk and you can follow the steps as below to do so. Just enable or re-enable Hey Siri function to rescue.

Siri not recognizing voice may be resulted from iPhone dictation not working. Just switch on or off the dictation function to make Siri re-work.

If the default Siri language is different with the one you are speaking, then Siri is not picking up voice. I'm having to type everything. Anybody have this problem? Sep 1, 4: Voice to text meaning I would touch the microphone then speak into my iPhone which typed out what I was speaking and I would send it as a text.

Yes I'm well aware of where the microphone is located and how I used it before Page content loaded. That's what the microphone in your keyboard does. It's on the bottom row next to the emoji symbol. Sep 3, 6: Thank you I've checked all of your suggestions and no it does not work - any other suggestions as it might relate to my headset? Oct 6, 9: Jan 9, 5: The Apple ISO This is crazy for Apple once again releasing ISO that need to be fixed If you believe that you have identified a software issue and that Apple must or should immediately do something about it, then I suggest that you let Apple know by submitting feedback here:.

How to fix iPhone Microphone not Working (Step by Step)

Jan 15, 7: Jan 27, 4: I have a somewhat similar complaint about Siri and taking dictation: I cannot get in touch with Apple to talk about this issue. When I try to contact them I am confronted with a series of prefab topics, rpather than the ability to write free text. None of the topics have anything to do with this problem! Voice to text not working More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Greywolf55 Greywolf Voice to text not working iPhone 6 Plus voice to text not working.