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In this post, you will get the direct links to download GNS3 IOS images for Cisco routers, ASA, switches, and even for Juniper routers. One of the great features of .

Most of them are 3G compatible now but there are some exceptions.

Unsurprisingly this section contains a lot of first-person shooters but the ones that are here all offer their own unique twist on the genre. The Co-Op version has you fighting together against waves of robot opponents. Instead of the freemium model of Eliminate, Archetype has you pay up front but delivers a pretty comprehensive experience.

Large online battles in modes like capture-the-flag, deathmatch and more make this a must-purchase for any FPS fan. One of the deeper and better looking strategy games on the iOS platform, Starfront takes a lot of cues from Starcraft. Shadow Vanguard is a more strategic take on the first person shooter.

It emphasizes cover and teamwork much more than games like Eliminate. There is a deathmatch as well as a cooperative mode but the lack of voice chat makes the co-op mode very difficult for a gameplay mechanic that requires precise timing and teamwork. The addition of a chat mechanism would make it best-in-class. Call of Duty: Zombies is another pure co-op shooter that has you fighting off wave after wave of zombies with an online team. Probably the best single-player FPS on this list, Black Pegasus also has a strong multiplayer component. Up to player battles are possible in a bunch of different modes.

The standard deathmatch and CTF modes are here but you also get the classic bomb defuse and team battles as well. Probably one of the best looking shooters on iOS period. In contrast to the complexity of a shooter, Home Run Battle can be played with just one finger. There are various power ups and combos that you can perform during play, lending a bit more depth than simply just hitting more home runs than your opponent to win. The addition of damage models in the sequel was especially nice. You can battle against online players in up to 16 person races, which is about as much as most console versions will let you do.

A simple 8-bit style adds some vintage flair to the player icons, draw style and interface. The off-road setting is a nice change of pace from many of the road racing games available. Tons of tracks, a bunch of uniform and ATV customization options and online leaderboards and statistics round out a top notch multiplayer experience. In Prose With Bros you use a set of 50 refrigerator magnet words to compose small phrase.

Your opponent does the same and then your phrases are put up on the internet for people to vote on for 24 hours. At the end of the voting the phrase with the most votes wins. Having a ton of games going at once is probably best. The title is an obvious riff on Words With Friends, but the game is completely different and very fun. An online strategy game that lacks flashy graphics, but makes up for it in fun and depth, Galcon starts out extremely easy but ramps up in difficulty like crazy in later levels. Adding a human component makes it even more challenging as you have to deal with wacky tactics that people come up with just to screw with you.

You command an armada of ships that you need to move from planet to planet conquering the inhabitants. Some planets will put up more of a fight, making the amount of ships you move extremely important. A fun game that can be played i sessions only a few minutes long. The lower complexity also makes it a nice entry point for someone interested in strategy games but with little experience.

Asynchronous games let you make a move, send that to your opponent and then switch away from the game. It makes for games that play out over days instead of minutes but allows you to complete larger and more involved games that you might not have stood still for if you had to play them in real-time. App Store ]. One of my favorite games in this category, Strategery uses the same attrition mechanics that you find in games like Risk to determine how your troops conquer your opponents territories. It has some nice twists in how it rewards you for expansion with extra troops during your reinforcements phase and how you move troops between your own territories.

Worms 2: Armageddon is rated very highly due mainly to the addictive gameplay. You can play up to 16 exceptionally intriguing games with your friends. Pick out a lethal grenade and attack your opponents with full might. It has some customization options to let you fine-tune the game as per your liking. As there are several games modes, you will be hooked to interesting gaming for hours.

And yes, there is also a practice mode to hone your skill to the perfection.

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Do you have a great penchant for dancing or wish to learn some fabulous dancing forms? Just Dance Now would be a great game for you. You can party with 10, , or players and dance with other players from around the world.

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With more than fantastic songs, you will have an endless joy with this game. Create and customize your own playlists. Make sure to earn a lot of coins to unlock new songs. As new songs are added every month, you will never find it monotonous. Heads Up! You have to guess the word on the card before the timer runs out. You can play this fascinating with one friend or one hundred friends at one go.

Best Two Player Games for iPhone/iPad: Face Challenges and Be Ahead of Your Friends

You can save the video of your gameplay to watch it later. Featuring more than 40 themed decks available, Heads Up will never let you get out of the hook!

For all those pool players, they can now play pool game on their iPhone or iPad with their friends or with legends. The best thing about this game is you can play one on one or participate in tournaments to win trophies. You can use your Facebook account to challenge your friends from anywhere, anytime. A glaring feature of the game is you can add 8 Ball Pool to your iMessage app drawer to play with your friends.

Top 10 Horror Games for iOS & Android 2017

So you think that you are lightning fast and have got better reflexes? Try out Red Hands to find out where you stand in the battle of speed. As the game begins, one player is the attacker, and the other is the defender.

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And if the later chickens out three times, it would be a perfect free hit. The one which gets 10 points first will be declared the winner. You can customize your hand type by choosing from multiple available options. This one is specifically dished out for the folks who have a special liking for drawing. The first player gets a word to draw within a limited time. And somegames that do, well I do hope they haven't wiped your progress. I know it's a pain to redownload all the apps individually but restoring from iCloud seems to be very buggy on newer devices.

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So what do I do exactly, copy the files from my ipad to my PC, then copy them from my PC to my iphone? Also, which files do I need to move? Now you're feelin' so fly like you're G-Ziss! More topics from this board Anyone have a Galaxy Book 2, and able to sync iphone to itunes?