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There are six different groups on offer, ranging from the Britons to the Saracens, each with their own heroes, units, and look.

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You develop your own little empire from nothing: Upgrading and building structures gives you access to additional space and perks, but the only real pay-off is the ability expand further. This leaves you collecting wood to build an archery range, upgrading the range to buy crossbowmen, and then taking them into battle to earn more wood to make more troops.

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Here you have a pre-set army to lead against a massive fortress. Careful management of your troops is vital, and using effective tactics is the only way to make it through.

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What is perfect about this mode is that, while you can level-up more quickly by purchasing in-game currency, the army is always the same. While at a distance many of the troops look similar, hero and special units have their own unique flare to differentiate them - and their abilities - on the battlefield. This variation in appearance stretches to your kingdom and castle also. My Teutonic Order's spent most of the game covered in snow, with wooden buildings to fortify themselves.

Age of Empires is (not) coming to iOS & Android

In contrast, the Saracens lived in the yellow of the desert, with castles made from stone. Age of Empires: It has a few nice features but there is a good chance that you have played the underlying mechanics a dozen times before. And that could be enough to win you over - providing you aren't already too heavily invested in the competition.

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  • Do you recommend it? You can download these alternatives: English Download. My Little Princess Castle Get creative in medieval times. Android Games Age of Empires: View full description.

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    PROS Nice real world armies with unique look Some good strategic elements to larger battles Campaign missions are great. Real world maps of Central Europe, Western Europe, Northern Italy and the Low Countries have been added, and gameplay and balance have been changed significantly for extra realism. Train a hero to lead your armies, make policy decisions that will affect the strengths and weaknesses of your state, raise armies of mercenaries, superior longbowmen, slow but strong knights, or soldiers with dangerously long pikes.

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    Explore a whole new medieval period in Age of Chivalry: Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates.

    Free download. Report problems with download to support gamepressure. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors - Age of Chivalry: